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senior program

Barbara's House’s Comprehensive Senior Program helps the elderly live independently and lead satisfying lives. Barbara's House’s services include weekly support groups, individual counseling, referral to community resources, shopping excursions, and monthly day trips for all interested participants. These activities provide seniors with opportunities to gather and socialize at least once a week. Without these outings, many participants would be very isolated. Barbara's House facilitates an important means for this population to cope with the daily stresses associated with the aging process.


Barbara's House provides senior services to the following subsidized housing developments and assisted living facility:


Quarry Knoll I (50 units and 57 residents)


Quarry Knoll II (40 units and 47 residents)


Agnes Morley Heights (150 units and 164 residents)


McKinney Terrace (51 units and 55 residents)


Parsonage Cottage (35 residents)

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